Need Special Skills and Strong instincts in learning how to tune the notes on the mini gamelan saron blades

This is the development of the saron mini gamelan today

Poetoechikals.com - Hello dear readers, wherever you are, thank you very much for your willingness to take the time to visit our site, where our site reviews information about activities and developments from the mini saron gamelan craftsmen and the surrounding environment. And on this occasion I will try to review and tell how we tune the Doremi tone on the mini gamelan saron bar, and here is the review.

Dear readers, wherever you are, I need to explain here first, that since the first time the traditional musical instruments of the mini saron gamelan were produced by craftsmen, the mini saron gamelan did have a tone, and in the days of our first elders When producing traditional musical instrument toys, he gave the tone to the mini saron gamelan in Javanese tones, such as the PELOG and SALENDRO tones.

Poetoechikals.com - Dear readers, the ordinances he had in his day, are still the same as the procedures of our generation, namely still with manual procedures, and with improvised equipment. However, in the current generation, the traditional saron mini gamelan instruments have sounded Doremi. Even like that, we as craftsmen still offer a choice of tones to the devotees.

Here, in the environment of the mini saron gamelan craftsmen it is necessary to know also by the readers, that the next generation who have special skills in tuning the tone for the saron blades, it can still be counted on the fingers, so sometimes of the many craftsmen who producing mini saron gamelan sometimes has to queue to take turns in renting them to harmonize the mini gamelan saron blades.

In addition, dear readers, that this time is indeed a fact. In fact, it turns out that there is no longer the next generation who wishes to learn the skills in tune the notes on the saron, whether it might also be the cause is the development of the current era, or maybe because indeed the reality is not easy to learn these skills, so they the younger generation prefer to follow the changing times.

And it should be noted also dear readers, that indeed it takes sufficient time to be able to learn these skills, and it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, to be able to master these skills in a short time, here is an example of a video in tune the Doremi tone on the bar mini gamelan saron.

Harmonizing the tone on the Mini Gamelan saron blades, it turns out that it is indeed not as easy as it is seen and imagined, because in addition to having special skills, it must have a strong instinct to unite the notes on the saron blades that have been tuned.

Poetoechikals.com - in our current environment, the mini saron gamelan craftsmen, admit that not many people have mastered these skills, it can be said 1 in 4 of them who have these special skills, so as mentioned above, craftsmen who have these skills are still can be counted on the fingers, because now there are no more young people who want to learn these skills. It's a pity isn't it, and how is the future? !! ...

Now dear readers, no matter where you are at the moment, here I am personally a craftsman, I can say that I personally am the third generation (grandchild) of the mini saron gamelan craftsmen in the city, and to be honest with " new gamelan mini saron stainless chrome "I personally have a dream to be able to introduce and market it to all corners of the world.

And besides that, I personally also really hope that the results of our creative work as mini saron gamelan craftsmen will be recognized in the world, as well as the gamelan in general in Indonesia. Here I personally named the work as "New Gamelan Mini Saron Stainless Chrome".

Well, dear readers, wherever you are, presumably that's all the review for this time, and hopefully this review can add to the knowledge of all readers, about how the development of the mini saron gamelan craftsmen today, and once again I say Thank you very much to all readers who have taken the time to visit this site, and God willing, on another occasion I will return with the following comments.


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