Gamelan Mini (saron) - Struggling to survive and maintain it is indeed not easy

1. What is poetoechikals.com ?!!...
• Poetoechikals.com is a website service that is created with consideration and seriousness, and is held accountable.

2. What is the purpose of the poeoechikals.com website created? !! ...
• The main objective of poetoechikals.com is to introduce and market a product made from handicrafts from home industry craftsmen from Cirebon city.

3. What products do you want to introduce and offer poetoechikals.com? !! ...
• A product made from handicrafts and creativity from craftsmen, namely Cirebon Traditional Gamelan Mini SARON Musical Instrument, which is pitched DOREMI. 

Product by poetoechikals
22 Bilah Nada Doremi

22 Bilah + 15 Bilah Nada Setengah 


The main goal of STAINLESS CHROME, is to prove that here we can provide MAIN QUALITY to make the Mini Gamelan can be received in all corners of the world.

And about our price here we never force it, even though there are many who order with the right wishes from the tastes and needs of interested ones, because we are here to always invite interested people to negotiate and consider it first ...

Here we provide the appropriate price, seen from the level of difficulty of the goods ordered, and from the price of material that sometimes quickly changes and fluctuates, then the prices listed are also, at any time subject to change.

4. Hope and dreams of poetoechikals.com about the product? !! ...

• Can introduce by providing the highest quality while marketing the results of our creativity as the third generation (poetoe) from mini SARON gamelan craftsmen to all regions throughout the world.

• Keep maintaining and cultivating and can continue to preserve ancestral cultural heritage from ancestors so as not to become extinct due to the development of the era.

5. Is there any other information discussed by poetoechikals.com? !! ...

 • Answer :
A. Providing information about the latest developments about its products, and providing information about the activities and daily lives of the SARON Mini Gamelan craftsmen.

B. Apart from providing information on developments about the latest products from the Gamelan Mini SARON.

Here poetoechikals.com is also ready to serve and receive orders from enthusiasts or art lovers of traditional musical instruments that are in accordance with the requests and desires and needs or according to the tastes of those interested and art lovers.

And as a complement, poetoechikals.com also wants to provide inspirational stories from personal experiences in a life journey, which might be able to be made as a reflection in the lives of the readers who are Buddhist.

That is all and thank you.
Greetings Indonesian Culture.

Preserving the Culture of Traditional Musical Instruments and Developing Creative Creativity and Hobbies in Traditional Cirebon Musical Instruments.