Gamelan Mini (saron) - Let's Learn to Play Traditional Musical Instruments

Learning Play traditional musical instruments with mini gamelan (saron) Stainless Steel tones DOREMI
Learning to learn to play traditional musical instruments such as playing traditional musical instruments The gamelan mini (saron) Stainless Chrome is not as easy as we see, besides having to memorize the notes on the songs we want to play we also have to memorize the positions of notes in the mini gamelan (saron) Stainless Chrome.

And incidentally Our Main Tone in our Stainless Chrome gamelan mini (saron) is

A simple example, let's learn to sing our mother song Kartini with Stainless Chrome 14 Bilah Nada, and the mini gamelan (saron) Please click the video below with the song 


• Ibu kita Kartini, Putri sejati

1. Do Re Mi Faa Sol Mi Do, La Do si La Sol

• Putri Indonesia, Harum namanya

2. Faa La Sol Faa Mi Do, Re Faa Mi Re Do

• Wahai ibu kita Kartini, Putri yang mulia

3. Faa mi Faa La sol La sol mi Do, Mi Re mi Faa sol mi

• Sungguh besar cita-citanya, Bagi Indonesia

4. Faa mi Faa La sol La sol mi Do, Mi Re Faa si Re FA

Please continue, 😉
Now if we want to easily learn how to play traditional musical instruments such as Chrome Tone Doremi's mini (saron) gamelan. We really have to memorize the songs and notes first, then we can play or learn this Stainless Chrome mini (saron) gamelan ...

In essence everything really must be willing to go through the learning process, do not be afraid of failure, no matter how hard if we want to learn God willing, all we can certainly learn easily, the most important thing is the willingness to learn and learn.

For guidance there are several versions of the Stainless Chrome gamelan mini (saron) version that I provided on the Youtube Channel, just click and don't forget to press the SUBSCRIBE button on the Youtube Channel "POETOE CHIKALS". .

thanks. So first, next time we continue ...

Greetings Indonesian Culture.
Preserving the Culture of Cirebon Traditional Musical Instruments And Developing Creativity and Hobbies in the World of Traditional Musical Instruments.

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