16 Brass Tone Saron Jumbo Plate Brass Plate Experiments

This is the Initial Story of how we made the Mini Saron Jumbo 16 Gamelan Doremi Tone Bar from a 5mili Brass Plate.
By having the following sizes:
1. Has a Conical Size of 13 to 31cm
2. Has a cone length of 90cm
3. Has a blade thickness of 5mili
4. And has a 5cm width of each Blade

Hello dear readers, wherever you are, thank you very much for your willingness to take the time to visit the site poetoechikals.com, where the site reviews all activities rather than the development of products from the mini saron gamelan, and on occasion this time I will share about a new product from us again, the product is the result of our experiments that were inspired when working on a package of saron blades made from brass plates with a thickness of 1.8 billion.
Well, dear readers, wherever you are, here are the reviews:

Starting from a package shipment containing a saron blade made of brass plate with a thickness of 1.8mili, consisting of 16 blades with an average width of 4cm, and the shipment originated from the city of Yogyakarta with the sender's name Bpk. Sardi Beib. Previously the sender contacted us via WhatsApp contacts.
His purpose in sending the package containing the saron blades is to ask us here for the next generation of Gamon Mini Saron craftsmen to harmonize the saron blades, the saron blades consist of 1 set containing 16 blades and ask in the Doremi tone barrel, it is our honor for his trust , and we immediately responded and accepted his request to harmonize the saron bar, and he also advised us here, that the saron bar was requested to be done immediately, because the saron bar would soon be used or used for an event in the art performance that he will be holding ...
Oya needs to know, dear readers, that he (the owner of the saron bar) is the owner of a newspaper mask studio in the city of Yogyakarta.
Now, a short story, after finally we finished aligning the saron blades with the tone on demand, the DOREMI Tone, I was tempted, interested and inspired by the results of the sound quality owned by the saron blades, from the sound quality that has a distinctive voice to make us finally decided to experiment making a mini saron gamelan with the brass plate. But before that ...
Dear readers, after the saron bar is finished and we have sent it back to him, the next day I go directly to the material shop to look for the brass plate material, and when I arrive at the store, the available stock is only brass plates with a thickness of 5mili, with a size of 40cm × 46cm and has been priced so much wow .
But because it was my intention and for the sake of the experiment, without thinking I immediately paid it to the case, and when I arrived at the brass plate with a size of 40 × 46cm I immediately worked on it, from measuring and dividing to cutting the plate to the end of the plate with the size these, become 16 saron blades with an average 5cm wide blade. And the size of the cone is 90cm long and 13cm wide to 31cm, as in the following picture.

After all the measurements as well as the process, it came to the final peak that is the alignment of the notes on the saron bar. My heart was already impatient to wait for the results of the sound quality, will the sound results be in accordance with the material and price, the following is a video that I uploaded in YouTube channel when tuning the saron brass tone:

Well, dear readers, the sound quality results ... In your opinion, the sound quality matches the price ... The following are the results of our experiments in making Mini Saron Gamelan made from Brass Plate after finishing.

Oh dear readers, no matter where you are right now, for those of you readers who also want to follow in our footsteps in experimenting to make saron slats with these brass plates, the following is a description for the size or detailed details of the saron slats.

  1. For the overall size of the brass plate material is 40 × 46cm, that's the size we get from a material store here because there is a stock, maybe at your place there are more sizes, look for just enough, okay ...
  2. For the size of 40 × 46cm that I got from the store, I became the size of the material to be as many as 16 bar notes, with a width of an average 5cm blade
  3. And with a material size of 40 × 46cm, we also make the material for the size of the cone to be as long as a cone of 90cm and as wide as a cone of 31xm × 13cm.
  4. And for the width of each of our saron blades 5cm / slats and the thickness has been explained previously, that the brass plate has a thickness of 5mili.
  5. Of these measurements, the Gamelan Mini Saron Brass Plate is included in the JUMBO category Blade

Dear readers, no matter where you are, the New Gamelan Mini Saron Jumbo 16 tone bar is also the latest product from us, the results of the experiment, and for the results the sound quality is very suitable for the price.

And for that I say thank you very much to him, for his trust in us here, the next generation of Gamelan Mini Saron craftsmen, thanks to the trust he gave made inspiration and motivation for the future. And once again I say thank you very much.
Thus the review for this opportunity, hopefully the review can inspire all readers, more or less I apologize, and God willing, at other times we will reconnect with the following reviews ...


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