Gamelan Mini (saron) - Experiments of New 4Mili Brass Gamelan Mini Saron

Latest : New Gamelan Mini (saron) Jumbo Brass Plate 4mili Experiment 16 Bilah Nada Doremi
 • With Cone Size :
1. Cone Length : 91cm
2. Cone Width: 13cm × 32cm
3. Thickness: 4mm
4. Blade width : 5cm to 6.5cm
5. Tones : DOREMI

Description :
This Brass Plate Experiment, inspired by the shipment from Yogyakarta to us, He sent a set of tones with the contents of 16 blades / sets to request and entrust us here, to align the Tone bar, with a Doremi tone ...
And after we finished harmonizing the tone, like the picture below, that was the result, with the results of the loudness that was so good ... it made us inspired to make a mini gamelan (saron) with a brass plate, as shown below, which was sent back to him.
We thank him, for his trust in us, which has entrusted us to harmonize the blades, and as a result of the loudness of the sound from the brass plate, it has now become an inspiration for us here as mini saron gamelan craftsmen to experiment make saron Doremi mini gamelan with a 4 millimeter thick brass plate.
And thank God this is the result of our experiment.

We are here inspired by the loudness of the sound, which is almost equivalent to the loudness of the sound plate (Stainless Chrome) 3.2 millis.

So it is not our responsibility to try to experiment with using a 4 millimeter thick Brass plate and the results of the sound bounce really loud and soft...

it turns out it's true that prices don't lie to the results, that's the reality in our 4 millimeter brass plate experiment ...

So many reviews from us, God willing, next time we connect again with the next reviews...

And for those of you who are interested in ordering a mini gamelan (saron) in accordance with the wishes of both size and material or tone, here we will be ready to receive and serve it.

And need to be informed that we are here to provide a Tone option, namely:

And for those who are interested please contact us in the contact column above thank you.

Greetings of Indonesian culture.
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